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Polyphosphates are scale inhibiting chemicals that were originally developed as water based lubricants or corrosion inhibitors, but it was discovered that they could also slow the scale development process when added to the water supply in very small amounts. Polyphosphates interfere with the bonding process of the mineral components, or the cations and anions, of scale. The minerals are kept in suspension and flushed through the system instead of binding together to form scale.

Polyphosphates offer a reasonable, low-cost compromise for scale reduction when compared to more complex technologies such as water softening and Reverse Osmosis. They are reasonably effective in water supplies with hardness levels up to 15 grains per gallon. Above this, alternative methods of scale control should be considered. Polyphosphates are food grade and tasteless.

Everpure uses a Hydroblend compound as a polyphosphate material designed specifically for hot water use. Hydroblend provides excellent scale control for a variety of coffee, cooking, and warewashing applications.

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