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SMARTWORKS for Foodservice Dealers

Introducing an opportunity with a clear solution.
SMARTWORKS is the simplest and smartest path to qualified leads and custom water treatment solutions. It’s never been easier to test, analyze, and determine the right product mix. That’s because SMARTWORKS is a unique and powerful program from Everpure that greatly simplifies the process of testing and analyzing a foodservice operator’s water and then determining what products are needed to improve the water.

The program provides:

  • A free simple-to-use water test kit
  • A free detailed Water Analysis Report with information on what’s in an operation’s water and how it might be affecting their equipment and customers
  • A product sizing tool that takes ease-of-use to new heights
  • A complete and operator-personalized presentation document for dealers
  • A tracker that keeps dealers aware of new leads and SMARTWORKS activity
  • And much more

Best of all, the program will also provide you with qualified operator leads. You will be able to increase sales with less effort.

Receive qualified leads.
Operators who are interested in receiving a free SMARTWORKS water test kit can order it themselves via As explained above, to receive this kit, we do ask them to select an Everpure Authorized Dealer in their area. As a participant in the SMARTWORKS program, you may be able to receive these leads. Every time a foodservice operator orders a kit and selects your dealership, you will receive an email notification of this new lead.

The need to convince operators on the necessity of a filtration system has already been overcome as those who participate in the program are doing so because they are concerned about what might be in their water and how it might be affecting their operation. So, when you call on them, not only will it be expected, it will be welcome.

The testing options they need.
SMARTWORKS is designed to make it easy to test water, analyze, and find the right solution. There are many ways this can be managed:

  1. The foodservice operator can order the SMARTWORKS Water Test Kit from and conduct the test themselves.
  2. You can order it to the operator’s location, and even conduct the water test as well. If you have a laptop with wireless, you can enter the test data, collect the survey information on site, and have the solution ready all in one quick visit.
  3. If you don’t have a laptop with wireless, you can visit potential customers with water test kits in hand, conduct the tests, and fill out the surveys using the “Cheat Sheet” included with your Welcome Kit. When you return to the office you can input the information into the SMARTWORKS program and either return with the presentation, or mail it to the operator. You could even consider having a person at the office available to receive your test and survey data by phone, who could then retrieve the SMARTWORKS Solution Proposal.


Are you ready for SMARTWORKS?
SMARTWORKS offers many great benefits for dealers like you. By becoming an Everpure Authorized Dealer, you will receive:

  • Access to SMARTWORKS complete program
  • Excellent support from your Everpure Master Distributor
  • Quality operator leads to help you grow your business
  • Access to online training through Everpure University
  • Information and updates on new products and services from Everpure

In addition, you’ll be partnered with the world leader in water treatment for foodservice.

While SMARTWORKS can be an exceptionally rewarding program, it also requires exceptional people. Customer service and satisfaction are at the forefront of everything we do, and we look for partners who share this focus. If you are committed to serving your customers with integrity and conducting business to the highest standards; if you place a high priority on providing customer satisfaction; and if you have knowledge of foodservice and water treatment, then we would be pleased and honored to support your sales and service efforts with our SMARTWORKS program and much more.

To become an Everpure Authorized Dealer, register here. Your information will be reviewed and upon approval, we will send you a SMARTWORKS Welcome Kit. This kit includes:

  • A sample SMARTWORKS Water Test Kit
  • Complete instructions on how to use the SMARTWORKS program
  • A “Cheat Sheet” for gathering information when visiting customers
  • A brochure for operators that explains the benefits of understanding their water quality
  • A SMARTWORKS presentation folder
  • Information on other Everpure products and programs
  • And more

You will have everything you need to get started right away, and to begin enjoying the benefits of increased leads and sales.

Click here for more information on the SMARTWORKS process.

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