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Drawing on over 75 years of expertise in water treatment, Everpure has developed a complete line of commercial water softeners suitable for a wide range of needs.  Models range from small undercounter softeners with 7,500 grains of hardness removal up to massive systems that provide up to 750,000 grains, capable of providing softened water for large retailer operations.

 Softener Diagram

Hard water can be detrimental to an operation because it can cause a hard chalky buildup, called limescale. Typical the mineral that leads to scale is calcium and magnesium. These are two of the most common minerals found dissolved in water. When energy is applied to these minerals, such as when water is heated during coffee brewing or during the freezing process in an ice machine, the minerals drop out of solution, returning to their solid state. This creates a hard scale on the inside of plumbing and equipment that acts as an insulator, dramatically increasing the amount of energy required to heat or freeze water. It also leads to clogging and ultimately to equipment failure.

Learn more about scale and how it affects your operation.



Everpure’s new line of softeners has been developed to effectively handle problems that hard water creates.  Water softeners use an ion exchange process where calcium, magnesium, and other harmful elements are exchanged with sodium ions resulting in “soft” water.  Many operations can benefit from using softened water from coffee houses and convenience stores to grocers and large retail outlets.

Learn more about how water softening technology works.

The addition of a comprehensive softening line is the most recent enhancement to Everpure’s Total Water Management. This program is designed for operators seeking the complete solution for all their water needs. In order to ensure the most efficient solution, Everpure begins its personalized process with a needs analysis that includes a site survey, water analysis, and business review. After the customer requirements are understood, Everpure works with the client to develop water standards to ensure consistency throughout the business. Their professionals install a turnkey system, designed specifically for each customer, and backed by the company’s broad service network.

Learn more about Total Water Management

We also offer point-of-use (POU) softening systems for espresso and iced tea applications, such as our ESO three-in-one systems, and our SO-24 system

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