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If you see staining where water touches, there are a few reasons that this may be occuring.

Dissolved, or ferrous, iron, although harmless, can cause problems with appearance and reddish-brown staining. High concentrations of iron can affect the color of beverages and the appearance of vegetables cooked in water. Dissolved metals such as ferrous iron can be removed with special filters, Reverse Osmosis or by softening, depending on the amount of metal contamination. Ferric iron are particles that can be removed with mechanical filtration.

  Excessive manganese in water causes black staining of household fixtures, and can impart objectionable metallic taste.

And green stains are usually the result of corrosion of copper plumbing, although copper can come from other sources as well. There are two simple methods of reducing copper in your water. The first is to flush your pipes by running the water for 30-60 seconds before using it. A second method is to install a point-of-use water filtration system that is NSF International certified for reduction of one or more heavy metals.



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