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taste and Odor
If you notice a distinct taste or odor in your water, it may be caused by any number of contaminants.

For instance, if your water smells or tastes like a swimming pool, it is probably due to chlorine or chloramine that has been added by municipal water treatment facilities to disinfect the water. The most commonly used water treatment method, both chlorine and chloramine are very effective at killing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Excessive iron, copper, manganese and other metals in drinking water can give water an unpleasant metallic or salty taste. These metals in water may be naturally occurring or produced as by-products of corrosion.

If your water tastes or smells musty, earthy or fishy, it is caused by algae, molds and bacteria that naturally live in most water sources, such as lakes and rivers.

  These off-tastes and odors may be stronger during certain times of the year, such as during the warmer periods when algae "bloom" all at once.

And rotten egg smell is caused by hydrogen sulfide in water, produced by bacteria in deep wells and in low-use stagnant water mains. It is highly corrosive, so other problems may accompany the smell. Learn more about sulfur water.

These are just a few of the problems that may affect the aesthetics of your drinking water, which is why Everpure offers a variety of filtration systems that will effectively remove contaminants from your water.



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