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The Exubera Pro Premium Water System

The EXUBERApro Premium Water System
Everpure’s new EXUBERApro Premium Water System is a complete turn-key filtration and dispensing system that allows you to create your own premium water. It consists of a six-step process, resulting in a fully customized, complete filtration system that takes ordinary tap water and makes it extraordinary.


Supported by merchandising and ongoing service and maintenance, the system provides three types of filtered water—chilled, chilled carbonated and ambient—to ensure patrons are given the same choices they would have with prepackaged premium bottled waters, but without the associated waste. Plus, the environmentally friendly EXUBERApro system addresses the widespread consumer desire to maintain their “green” behaviors even away from home, while reducing the costs and hassles associated with prepackaged drinking water.

For more than 75 years Everpure has been providing the foodservice community premium quality water, and now we can help you serve it to your customers. Everpure’s forward thinking and complete turnkey approach has earned the EXUBERAPro Premium Water System the 2008 Kitchen Innovation Award from the National Restaurant Association.

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The Process
After an in-depth analysis of your existing water, the EXUBERApro System is customized to include the appropriate best-in-class filtration solutions that operators have come to appreciate from Everpure. The EXUBERApro six-step process includes:

Site survey and comprehensive water testing. Read More
Detailed water analysis to understand your unique needs. Read More
Customized filtration solution necessary to bring the water up to the best possible specifications. Read More
Water appliance selection and assistance with installation of the system. Read More
Merchandising, promotion and employee training to help patrons appreciate the benefits of premium filtered water. Read More
Ongoing service and maintenance programs to ensure that the system performs at peak efficiency. Read More



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The Benefits
The EXUBERApro Premium Water Series fil
tration and dispensing system combines industry-leading filtration systems with the EXUBERApro Water Appliance, a commercial-grade chiller/carbonator appliance, to deliver premium water on demand.

This eco-friendly solution can help reduce your dependency on bottled water while simultaneously eliminating transportation, storage, waste and refrigeration costs. With Everpure’s water testing, analysis, installation and maintenance support, making the transition to serving your own premium water has never been easier.

Generating revenue and saving money with the EXUBERApro Premium Water System

Download our high-volume EXUBERApro brochure
Download our low-volume EXUBERA brochure

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