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Site Survey and Water Sample

Gaining Knowledge about your operation is instrumental
 in our success.

Understanding your unique filtration requirements is the first step to providing you with premium water. It is nearly impossible to completely understand a foodservice operation without experiencing it firsthand. That’s why an on-site visit is the first step toward understanding your needs and creating a customized solution to address your unique requirements.

What is involved in a site survey?

During a site visit, we gather important information such as the number of customers you serve and the busiest hours of each day help us determine the optimum approach to customizing and implementing the EXUBERApro Premium Carafe Water System. The number of wait staff and wait staff stations, for example, will directly affect the number of water appliances you may need. Identifying your common practices early on leads to a quick and easy installation.

Request a site survey.

What are we looking for?

Everpure representatives know foodservice. When performing a site survey there are a number of specific things we look for to make the transition to premium water as seamless as possible.

How many people do you serve?
Larger locations may need more equipment. Our top priority is ensuring you are optimally equipped to best serve your customers.

When are you most busy?
You are using the most water during the times when you are most busy. With our system, you can be sure that your water is always of the highest quality no matter how much you are using.

Is your waitstaff prepared for the transition to premium carafe water?
Understanding your wait staff helps make your transition to premium water simple and seamless, and enables us to identify and customize the training and educational materials that are right for your operation.

How many wait stations are there?
Premium water should be easily accessible for all wait staff. Knowing how they do their job will help guide our implementation and tailor the system to meet their specific needs.

Are water and CO2 readily available?
Careful information management and detailed planning prior to installation helps make the transition quick and simple. With Everpure’s EXUBERApro Premium Carafe Water System, there are never any surprises.

What are your space constraints?
Everpure offers a variety of water appliances and a limitless combination of filtration solutions. The amount of space you have is an important part of determining which system is best for you.

What other water-using equipment do you have?
Water can greatly affect the performance of most of your equipment. Everpure can provide recommendations for protecting your coffee and espresso brewers, fountain beverage machines, ice machines and warewashing equipment.

What else can Everpure do for me?
The quality of your water has direct impact on your water-using equipment. For example, hard water may cause scale buildup and machine inefficiencies. Just ¼” of scale on equipment can result in a 38 percent loss of energy efficiency, costing you hundreds of dollars in extra energy costs and maintenance.

How else does water impact my location?

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The EXUBERApro Process
Site Survey and Water Sample
Detailed Water Analysis
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