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Merchandising and Training Support

All the tools you need to serve your customer and educate your staff.

Informing and educating your customers and employees about the benefits of premium water is instrumental to a successful launch. To ensure all parties are adequately informed, we have developed a number of merchandising, promotion and educational tools to assist in streamlining the process.


Premium Water Branding

For 75 years, Everpure has been building our brand into the most trusted and recognized name in foodservice water solutions. Let your patrons know that you’ve invested in serving them premium water by Everpure. We have developed two distinct brand identities, one classic and the other contemporary, around the Everpure name for you to leverage as you implement premium water at your location.

For each of these identities, we’re created attractive Everpure-branded merchandising elements that allow you to create a package that works best for your location. We also offer you artwork on demand to customize your own private labeled merchandising.

When developing our carafe, we recognized the importance of considering each individual foodservice operator’s needs. Our carafe is durable, dishwasher safe, easily cleaned and, most importantly, cost-effective. We offer you the option of choosing from two unique Everpure identities or creating your own private label.


Available in both classic and contemporary styles, our environmentally friendly coasters are completely biodegradable. Our coasters quickly communicate to your guests the quality of the water product they are being offered and communicate subtle messages of sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Carafe Caps
Developed to provide customers with a sense of freshness, our carafe caps are designed to match both our classic and contemporary brand identities.
Carafe Caps


Menu Inserts
To round out our premium water branding package, we offer menu inserts. You can either use our classical or contemporary brand identities or download our artwork to create your own private labeled menu inserts.
Menu Inserts

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Before serving EXUBERApro premium water to your customers, your staff needs to be adequately trained. To ensure they are prepared to promote and answer questions about your new premium water offering, we have developed a few simple tools.

Understanding Water Quality Poster

We developed this quick reference guide, which includes frequently asked questions and selling tips, to help you effectively communicate the difference between premium water and other waters.

Download (English)

Download (Spanish)

Training Brochure – How to Sell Premium Water

Foodservice operations are busy. We recognize that the members of your wait and bus staff are far too preoccupied with more urgent tasks to allocate a great deal of time to studying new material. We still think it’s important they remain informed, so we developed this quick reference guide that provides a brief introduction into premium water, including top-line information on its general benefits, how it is developed and how it is different from other waters.

Download (English)

Download (Spanish)

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