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Typically filter systems last anywhere from 6 months to a year, but if your water contains a lot of dirt and sediment, your filters could clog and fail sooner. With the Everpure HSD self-flushing system, your filters can last for 2-3 years even with extremely dirty water. This can save you a considerable amount of money on replacement filter costs.

The Everpure’s HSD system combines innovative hollow fiber ultrafiltration and a programmable self-flushing capability, which is able to cleanse your system’s filter and help stop premature filter expiration.

The system not only removes large quantities of solids from water, it can also remove cysts (a common protozoan parasite in water that has a hard outer “shell” that makes it difficult to destroy by conventional disinfection), bacteria and even viruses as small as .025 micron (a human hair is the width of 40 microns).

The HSD is particularly good for applications requiring the removal of suspended solids.

Municipalities can draw water from underground aquifers, from surface water such as lakes or rivers, or from a combination of both. The challenge with surface water is that it often contains a lot of colloidal particles (super fine silt that stays suspended in water) as well dirt, sediment and organics. These can sometimes cause premature clogging of even the best filters.

The Everpure HSD-440P Ultra-filtration System is a high capacity, high flow rate, flushable water filtration system capable of removing many types of particulates from foodservice water. Ultra-filtration is a membrane separation process that uses extremely tiny pores to block suspended solids including particles, colloids, cysts, bacteria and viruses. At regular intervals, these trapped particles are flushed down the drain.

This advanced “point of entry” (POE) water treatment device is designed to improve water quality in a variety of applications and uses.

The HSD can remove or reduce:

  • Turbidity and fine silt that is not easily filtered by conventional media filters.
  • Suspended organic carbon. Organic carbon is material that includes decaying vegetation, bacterial growth and compounds of decaying material that has been altered by manmade chemicals.
  • 99.9999% of Cysts. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are example of cysts. These living organisms are common in water, and can cause illness.
  • 99.9999% of Bacteria
  • 99.95% of Viruses

Learn more about how hollow fiber works.


The HSD system is a truly beneficial addition to your operation.
Operations filtering high volumes of water face higher costs due to frequent cartridge changes and, depending on water quality, can also find their filters expiring prematurely. Everpure has developed the HSD system to dramatically increase the interval between cartridge replacements and eliminate the likelihood that cartridges expire before their rated capacity. The HSD system offers a host of benefits that make it a smart addition to any filtration system. These include:
HSD Product Image

  • A high capacity sub-micron filter that maximizes the life of carbon filters and extends cartridge change intervals.
  • Exceptional bacteria and virus reduction.
  • Superior handling flow rates of up to 10 gallons per minute while reducing particles smaller than .025 micron.
  • A patented multi-bore bundle, which incorporates hollow fiber ultra-filtration membrane technology for highly effective removal of colloidal particulates from water.
  • An efficient programmable automatic flushing technique, which extends the life of the membrane element while using very little water for cleaning.
  • An advanced, industry proven microprocessor controller that provides expanded programming options and control flexibility, including override or vacation mode.
  • An integral flow meter, which provides information on total volume of water processed, and can interface with a programmable controller to enable more precise flushing cycle control.

With the HSD system, you’ll enjoy maximum filtration, even in situations dealing with excessive sediment and turbidity. Combining the HSD with existing Everpure filtration systems provides exceptionally long life for your filter cartridges, and clean, consistent premium water for your beverages, cooking and for your water-using equipment.

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