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MRS Envi-RO 600

The new MRS-600 HE (High Efficiency), the revolutionary reverse osmosis system that saves you thousands of gallons of water annually.

Everpure has developed a reverse osmosis system unlike anything on the market today. The MRS-600 HE provides:
  • Significantly less water waste, saving money on sewer charges
  • As much as 600 gallons per day of RO water production, with a flow rate of up to 0.7 gpm
  • A blending feature that allows for customization of the water
Reverse Osmosis is the most practical and effective water treatment for removing dissolved solids from water. Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS, can have an adverse effect on the taste and quality of beverages, and can be highly damaging to equipment that boils or freezes water. For operations that have high TDS in their water (typically 300 parts per million or greater), a RO system is the best option for achieving consistent, high quality water. Learn more about reverse osmosis.

However, while reverse osmosis is a highly effective technology, it does have an Achilles heel. The reverse osmosis process results in significant water waste. In fact, with conventional RO systems, nearly four gallons of water go to drain for every gallon of pure product quality water produced. This water waste results in higher sewer charges. There’s also an environmental impact as well, as water is pumped down the drain instead of being used efficiently in the operation.

Fortunately, Everpure has launched a ground-breaking new reverse osmosis system that provides all the benefits of reverse osmosis, but with significantly less waste water. The MRS-600 HE produces up to four gallons of pure product water for every one gallon of water going to drain.

How the MRS-600 HE is different… and better.

Reverse osmosis is a process by which pressure is applied to water, forcing the water molecules through an extremely fine semi-permeable membrane. This nearly pure water is now ready for use in the foodservice operation. The dissolved solids such as calcium and magnesium minerals (that cause damaging scale), along with other contaminants such as metals, salts, microorganisms and most chemicals, can’t penetrate the membrane, and are left behind in a solution. This solution is sent to drain as waste. When comparing the ratio of waste water to permeate (or usable) water produced, conventional RO systems are typically only about 20% efficient. The MRS-600 HE on the other hand, has an efficiency of nearly 80%!

This dramatic reversal is due to a combination of three factors:
  • The MRS-600 HE system utilizes a patent-pending dual headed pump that eliminates membrane back pressure, thus ensuring constant and effective permeate water production. By contrast, single headed pumps of conventional RO systems must fight the back pressure imposed by downstream storage tanks, reducing their efficiency and causing inconsistent water recovery.
  • The system pre-treats the water prior to the RO membrane being exposed to it, reducing scaling and clogging of the membrane, maximizing its efficiency.
  • The system recovery is set based on the water chemistry at installation. This ensures the highest, sustainable output.
The benefits of the MRS-600 HE are quickly evident in water savings and reduced sewer charges. For example, if an operation requires 100 gallons of RO water per day, a conventional RO system could send 120,000 gallons per year to drain (based on 300 days of operation). With the MRS-600 HE, that would be only a little over 9000 gallons!

Considering that sewer and water charges range from $6-$14 per 1000 gallons, the money savings add up as well.

The MRS-600 HE is hands down the most efficient RO system available today. And that means more efficiency and less operating costs for your operation. The high water recovery of the MRS-600 HE system also reduces the burden on booster systems, as less water is pumped to the drain. This can lower your electrical costs as well.

High efficiency is not all the MRS-600 HE provides:

The MRS-600 HE has the capacity to produce up to 600 gallons of pure RO water per day. This allows the system to manage even peak periods of your operation. An integrated 6-gallon tank provides an additional buffer. Despite the high capacity, the wall-mounted system is relatively compact, and the capacity along with the flow rate of up to 0.7 gpm may also eliminate the need for a floor tank, saving valuable space.

Another excellent feature on the system is the blending capability. By blending filtered water with pure RO water, the TDS can be dialed in to match your desired water specification. For example, if you want a TDS of 150 ppm for your specialty coffee, the filtered water can be blended with the pure water until a constant 150 ppm flow is achieved. With dual outputs, the blended water can be delivered to beverage equipment, while the second output of pure RO water can be utilized for steam applications.

Finally, a microprocessor provides system monitoring, and can include optional TDS monitoring. The MRS-600 HE… efficient, productive, reliable and smart.

The ideal RO system for foodservice

The MRS-600 HE has many advantages over conventional systems:
  • Patent pending high recovery reverse osmosis technology yields significant savings in water and sewer charges with a minimal environmental footprint.
  • High production and flow rate, plus integrated 6-gallon tank, helps to ensure the system will keep up with peak demand.
  • Blending of filtered water with RO water allows for custom tailoring the water to desired TDS, maximizing the flavor of beverages such as coffee and espresso.
  • Dual outputs provide water for multiple applications, such as blended water for coffee and espresso, and pure RO for steam equipment.
  • Smart design and integrated microprocessor help to keep maintenance simple and the system reliable.
  • Wall mounting and compact size, plus the reduced need for a bulky floor storage tank, save valuable space
  • Backed by Everpure, the leading and most trusted water treatment brand in foodservice.
To learn more about the MRS-600 HE, or to learn about our Total Water Management program that combines water testing, analysis, a custom product recommendation and maintenance scheduling to ensure your water is consistently of the highest quality, contact Everpure at 800-323-7873 or email us at
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