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Everpure showcases Three New Products at NAFEM
Leading Water Filtration Expert Continues to Address Foodservice Industry’s Ever-Changing Needs

Everpure continues to keep its more than 75-year old promise to deliver innovative, superior-quality water treatment programs and products that address the ever-changing needs of the foodservice industry.  This year at NAFEM, which runs from Feb. 5-7 in Orlando, Fla., Everpure is highlighting three new products, designed to meet new environmental needs as well as cost challenges faced by today’s foodservice operators. 

“With concerns over the environment and economy, we are proud to showcase several new water filtration solutions that will help foodservice operators become more environmentally friendly and cost effective in the New Year,” says Roy Parker, marketing manager of Everpure.  “From saving energy to saving space to conserving water, Everpure is dedicated to understanding how best to serve the foodservice industry with the highest-quality premium water, which will best benefit operators and the patrons they serve.” 

At this year’s NAFEM, which brings more than 20,000 attendees and 600 exhibitors in the foodservice industry together, Everpure will introduce several new products and systems. Highlights include:

Claris Water Technology System

The Claris Water Technology system is a family of water filter cartridges specifically designed for hot drink machines. Everpure’s Claris offers a complete five-stage filter system that gives foodservice operators the ability to remove undesirable contaminants from the hot drinks they serve, and provides a blend feature that allows them to dial in the proper mineral content for maintaining flavors and for the optimal  performance of their applications.  For instance, calcium minerals can be reduced to protect expensive brewing equipment from scale buildup, but enough mineral can be retained to achieve the desired flavor of beverages. Ideal for applications that heat water, such as coffee, espresso, brewed iced tea and steam, the family of filters come in four sizes.  Additional features include auto-shut off for incoming/outgoing water, a filtered water bypass and quick change cartridges.

MRS-Envi-RO 600

The MRS-Envi-RO 600, currently the highest efficiency reverse osmosis (RO) system available, provides foodservice operators with a more efficient and environmentally friendly system.  Unlike traditional RO systems, the MRS-Envi-RO 600 dramatically reduces water waste and consumes less energy.  On average, traditional RO systems waste four gallons of water for every one gallon of pure water that is produced, but MRS-Envi-RO 600 produces only one gallon of water waste for every four gallons of pure product water produced. And because the MRS-Envi-RO 600 provides as high as 80 percent efficiency compared to conventional RO systems that are usually only about 20 percent efficient, operators can reduce water waste and sewer costs.  Plus, the system’s sleek, wall-mounted compact design frees up floor space, making it the ideal choice for foodservice operators who are looking for an extremely efficient product and do not have the room to spare. 

In addition to being showcased in the Everpure booth, the MRS-Envi-RO 600 also met the criteria to be showcased in NAFEM’s new What’s Hot, What’s Cool! Showcase, which will spotlight the hottest and coolest innovations in foodservice equipment and supplies.

Protega Ultra-filtration System

The Protega Ultra-filtration System is a central water purifier for all foodservice needs. Its long-lasting Ultra-filtration Hollow Fiber Membrane can help turn the most contaminated water into clear, drinking water. The Protega can produce a continuous 4.5 gallons per minute, and includes a feature that allows for scheduled flushing of the membrane, making it ideal for high turbidity water.

 Artisan Draft Water

Artisan Draft Water is a combination of Premium Water and premium flavorings.  Created by combining customized filtration—a water dispenser that serves chilled still, chilled sparking and ambient still—and premium flavorings, Artisan Draft Water can be merchandised to provide operators a new beverage offering as well as an alternative to bottled water service.  This new product will help operators differentiate themselves from the competition and gives them the potential to reduce costs and increase profits while doing so. 

Additional Products

Besides the main three products Everpure will be highlighting at the show, the company also is debuting several other products, including QCP heads and cartridges, and thus will be dividing its booth into several category sections:  fountain; whole store; specialty coffee; iced and hot tea; drinking water; steam; culinary; beer dispensing; and problem solving. 


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