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Everpure Culinary Water
Quality water has long been touted as critical to achieving great tasting beverages and ice. But quality water is also extremely important in the kitchen. Water can contain many off-tastes caused by contaminants from chlorine to bacteria. Introducing unfiltered tap water into soups, sauces and even steamed rice can affect the overall flavor. This is why Everpure is launching Culinary Water, a family of products designed specifically for chefs.

Chefs seek the highest quality ingredients, and considering how important water is to many dishes, this ingredient should not be overlooked. Pure, clean water ensures that the subtle flavors and enticing aromas a chef painstakingly creates are not tainted by unwanted additives.

Culinary Water Features Culinary Water Benefits
Perfect for use with dehydrated stocks, soups, sauces and gravies Only the true taste of dehydrated ingredients comes through. No “off-taste” from your water
Used to reconstitute concentrated bases, stocks and flavor systems All the true flavor without any “off-taste” from your water
Well suited for pasta and rice preparation equipment Will not impart “off-tastes” to your food like tap water
Can also be used for rinsing vegetables prior to cooking Fresh, clean, pure back-of-house water source

The first product offering within Culinary Water is our MRS-350 Reverse Osmosis System [link to MRS-350 product page], which provides very high quality water and volume of output necessary to meet the culinary needs of the kitchen. The MRS-350 System provides 350 gallons per day of ultra-clean water.

The reverse osmosis system behind Culinary Water:
  • Removes dirt, particulates, and dissolved minerals
  • Eliminates chlorine taste and odor
  • Ensures the highest quality water for all cooking and baking needs
Everpure’s Culinary Water products are designed to provide the ideal water for back-of-house food prep and menu items. In fact, Culinary Water is perfect for use with dehydrated stocks, soups sauces and gravies. It can also be used to reconstitute concentrated bases, stocks and flavor systems, and is well suited for pasta and rice preparation equipment. Or, use it to rinse vegetables prior to cooking. Culinary Water is also perfect for poaching, boiling, braising, pasta prep and rice.

This back-of-house water is designed to impart a purity to dehydrated and concentrated stocks, soups, gravies, sauces and flavor systems without any of the off-tastes commonly associated with tap water.

In short, Culinary Water is everything you want, nothing you don’t.
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