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Part #: 169096 (old:EV906410)   Brand: Everpure
Model: SSFM-50AC 0.7 Proportioning Bromination System   Category: System
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  • Everpure proportioning bromine feeders add a predetermined quantity of elemental bromine into the freshwater discharge of the on-board watermaker prior to the potable water storage tank to ensure the potable water is bacteriologically safe for human consumption.   
  • Brominating Cartridge is recognized as the safest, most reliable, most effective and easy-to-use water disinfectant for marine applications.
  • Simple to operate – No chemicals to mix
  • Safe to handle – Not a fire or explosion hazard
  • Effective Disinfectant – More effective across a broader pH range than chlorine
  • Bromine is 4-10 times less noticeable in water than chlorine giving you better-tasting water
  • Global service and parts availability
  • Depended on by USN, USCG and offshore oil and gas rigs for safe, reliable water
  • Recognized by the U.S. Navy as the safest, most reliable, and easy-to-use method of water disinfection aboard ship
  • Requires no additional chemicals – Bromine cartridges are ready to use and require just 30 seconds to change
  • Automatically delivers bromine to water in a constant ratio
  • Automatic feeding system has simple hydraulic controls
  • Lightweight for easy moving and installation


  • Disinfection
Capacity: 55,000 gallons (208,200 L) @ 1 ppm
Maximum Flow: 0.8 GPM
Qty. per Case: 1
Shipping Weight: 30lbs. (13.6kg)

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