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Promote Your Water


Promote Your Water
At Everpure, we believe it’s important to understand the consumer perception regarding water treatment in the foodservice industry. So in 2006, we conducted a research study to determine the overall attitude and desires that patrons have toward the quality of water in restaurants.

Our research revealed the following: 

  • Over 65% of consumers agree to strongly agree that restaurants that filter their water are likely to have better quality food and beverages.
  • 74% of consumers feel that it is somewhat to extremely important for restaurants to filter their drinking water
  • 55% of consumers are more inclined to eat at a restaurant that filters their drinking water
  • 73% are more likely to order a beverage made with water if they know the restaurant filters their water
Everpure Research revealed 68.9% Want to Know of consumers want to know that a restaurant uses a drinking water system

*datassentials 2006

Consumers care about water quality. Now, let them know you care about them by using Everpure’s free merchandising items to promote the fact that you serve clean, filtered water by Everpure.

We are excited to be offering a great merchandising program for our operators, but we aren’t ready yet. We are in the process of collecting, researching, and validating data so we can offer you the best merchandising program possible. Once our merchandising program is developed, you will be able to order merchandising for your operation here at

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