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D-clor Cartridges

D-clor Cartridges

You know how important water safety and quality are to your business, and you know what an absolute essential water is to many parts of your operation. As an ingredient, you count on consistently high quality water to enhance your hot beverages and galley conditions onboard. And, you know that quality water is too important to rely on anyone but Everpure.


When analyzing water quality it is important to realize that while municipal water in the United States is safe; it often may contain suspended solids, chlorine tastes and odors or other impurities. Water can be handled several times between the municipal source and the aircraft’s water system, where contamination can be introduced in the hoses, nozzles, fittings, water carts or the vented tanks onboard the plane itself. Additional chlorine is often added to the aircrafts water to protect it from bacterial contamination. Without the additional chlorine, such contamination could pose a potential threat to the health of your passengers and crew. When this water is used for beverages, chlorine can make drinks bitter and unappetizing. With Everpure Aircraft Water Filters installed as the last line of defense before the water is dispensed, you can be assured that this additional chlorine is reduced, so that it does not affect beverage quality. In addition, most Everpure Aircraft Water Filters remove suspended particles from the water which would otherwise clog water using equipment.

With this in mind, water quality should never be left to chance. To be completely sure the water on your aircraft is great-tasting, make sure your water is treated by Everpure! With Everpure’s Aircraft Water Filters and D-Clor™ cartridges you can be sure of maximum protection from chlorine taste and odor, bad tastes and odors, and filtration of any suspended matter which may be present, or has been introduced in your current potable water supply delivery system.

Once you have the best aircraft water filtration system in place, it just makes sense to keep it that way—with Everpure D-Clor™ cartridges. Everpure cartridges are designed to work with the stainless vessels they are housed in to consistently deliver the highest quality water for coffee and other galley applications.


Each D-Clor™ cartridge has an effective service life of 3,000 flight hours or gallons. They contain activated carbon and are designed to be used in a variety of positions without loss of carbon particles. And, since D-Clor™ cartridges are free draining, they eliminate problems generally associated with freezing. In addition to reducing tastes and odors the 150BP D-Clor™ cartridge inhibits lime scale build-up. Lime scale prevention is particularly important in applications involving hot water using equipment, such as coffee makers, where scale can clog and corrode pipes and increase equipment maintenance.

Everpure aircraft filters will deliver a noticeable improvement in the beverages you serve. They ensure your hot beverages are not compromised by chlorine taste and odor and particulate matter, which can make coffee taste bitter and decrease holding time. By controlling the consistency of your water quality, cup after cup, passengers will be asking for more. And, ongoing equipment maintenance costs are minimized when corrosive chlorine and abrasive dirt particles are reduced. Approved

But don’t take our word for it. Everpure aircraft water filter vessels, cartridges and accessories are approved by the FAA-PMA which sets industry standards for quality and integrity. The FAA-PMA has tested Everpure filtration to meet their strict guidelines, making Everpure a name that stands for superior water filtration.

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